Repossession & Presentation




If you are a Real Estate Agent working for the Banks, Legal Stream or another third party then our one-stop mortgagee repossession service has been designed for you.

Having performed many repossessions, we know what companies such as Legal Stream require, including Asset Cataloguing and 60 day Storage. Project scope is specific to each property and the requirements of the client.

We have the experience, resources and procedures to safely and efficiently manage the repossession from the start to the property readiness for sale.

Property Clearance

A full suite of Services Including:

Asset Cataloguing

Asset listing of all items within the property including quantities.

Includes item tagging in correlation with cataloguing.


Packing of all items into boxes and box tagging.

Valuable item protection where required.


Safe and professional relocation to Storage.


Secure and insured storage for the required 60 day period or longer.


Perishable item disposal.

Disposal of all items as directed after the 60 day period lapses.

Property preparation for sale:

We are also utilised by the Agents to perform the works to get the property sale ready so that they can go straight in for professional photographs. All this is quoted at the beginning, for a fixed fee.

We cover where required:

  • Electrical Testing & Safety Certificate;

  • Full Vacate Clean;

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning;

  • Garden Clearance and Refresh;

  • Painting; and

  • Handyman Services.

Repossession Case Study 1

Repossession Case Study 2

Repossession Case Study 3

Our Clients Include:


Deceased Estates

We work with the executor of the estate and provide a turn key solution for the property. Often there is a full house of items that requires sorting and dispersion.

Services include:

  • Asset Listing;

  • Packing;

  • Storage;

  • Delivery to Auction;

  • Delivery to Charity;

  • Delivery to Beneficiaries; and

  • Waste Removal.

Just like the repossession service, we will also organise the make good works for the property re-lease or sale, so you don’t have to.

Highly recommended! Ben and team helped me with clearing out a deceased estate and taking goods to auction. They then project managed the property to bring it up to rental standards. From the time Ben and his team came on board, everything was made so much easier and such a relief not having not worry anymore. They are all friendly, helpful and professional.
— Evelyn Healey 2018